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Last updated: 2020.12.15

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

The GDPR law is the European law that regulates the privacy rights of users from the European Economic Area (EEA). Our Declaration of Conformity can be found here.

GDPR’s main principle is that users own their personal data, and the companies have the obligation to make the right steps to facilitate the users’ rights:

  • to know what personal data companies collect, how they store this info and for how long
  • to know if the personal data is shared with third parties
  • to get the personal data (data portability)
  • to delete the personal data
  • to correct the personal data

Data Protection Resources on this Site

NúageYun provides transparent information and resources on personal data usage on https://nuageyun.com.

Data Collection and Usage

Visit the « Privacy Policy – GDPR » section for detailed info on data collection and usage on NúageYun.

  • What Personal Data We Collect and How We Collect it
  • What We Do With the Collected Personal Data
  • How Long Do We Keep Your Personal Data?
  • What Do We Share, With Whom, and Under What Conditions?
  • Important Rights of Our Users Regarding the Personal Data
  • Third Parties That Have Access to Your Personal Data

Policies and User Settings on this Site

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