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Come as you are, take a moment for yourself, relieve a weary mind and body. Cultivate self-love. Meditate. Journey on the cloud with NúageYun…

About NúageYun

Núage is French, Yún is Chinese. They both have the meaning of “Cloud”. As a brand based in Paris, the initial idea of NúageYun is to capture that feeling of being on the cloud after a beautiful session. Our life is fast-moving nowadays, seems like we can barely afford to take a moment to pause and relax. Even with the holidays or leisure activities we take, we feel more exhausted afterwards, and long for “the holiday after a holiday”. Come as you are and feel loved, lightened and lifted up. Journey on the cloud with NúageYun!

Holistic Massage

Holistic massage is a combination of  East and West (Tuina, Shiatsu, Swedish, Deep Tissue, Accupuncture, Thai and Chinese with herbal treatment). Also mixed with my counseling therapy and art back ground.

The method was developed through years of training, practice and interdisciplinary experiences. It is designed to care for your body, mind and emotions. 

Private or Group

Yoga & Meditation

NúageYun Yoga and Meditation is a mix of East and West, carefully infused with my counseling therapy and art back ground, lovingly developed by years of practice and interdisciplinary experiences.

Come as you are and feel loved, lightened and lifted up. 

Your Núageur

Certified masseur (Holistic massage), counselor (Specialized in relational, emotional and family issues), yoga instructor (RYT 200H). On a journey to spread love.

Lyon Lee

Lyon Lee



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Frequently Asked Questions

I’m not flexible at all, how can I practice yoga?

You don’t need to be flexible to practice yoga. It’s the same like doing sports, we think that one can only do sports when he’s muscular, in reality, it is through practice that we start gaining muscles. It is the same with yoga. The most important thing is to breath, and enjoy the present. =)

What are the benefits of Holistic Massage?

Some benefits of holistic massage are: Detoxification; Calming the mind; Relieve chronic and deep muscular pain; Deep relaxation Helps to free yourself emotionally; Improves blood circulation; Improves a healthy nervous system & much more.

Can I practice yoga even when I’m not flexible?

Yes of course! In my opinion, anyone who can breathe can practice yoga! 🙂 And as you practice yoga, you gain more flexibility. If you have some health issues, we can talk before hand and consult your doctor to decide together.

Do you offer happy endings?

No. But most of the times my clients are very happy and relaxed by the end of the massage! 😉

Can the price be negotiated?

There might be some promotions from time to time but in general the price is fixed. I try to provide the best service for you and a good work deserve a good price, don’t you agree?

How can I pay?

I accept cash, PayPal or bank transfer.

Can I wear my underwear or be totally naked during the massage?

Both are ok. The most important thing is to make yourself comfortable. Either way I will place a towel over your body.

What massage oil do you use?

It’s a personal mix of bio and organic oils, on top of relaxing and detoxing, it is also very good for the skin.

Can I take a shower before or after the massage?

Yes it’s possible, I will provide the clean towel and shower gel.

Is the massage done on a massage table?

Yes when I receive at my place. You also have the option of the bed if you prefer soft mattress. Unfortunately I cannot take my massage table to your place at the moment.

Where is the service?

I can receive at my place in 13e or I can move to your place (Always on bike when I move around, wearing the mask all the time with strict hygiene routine. I ask for extra when moving to your place according to distance)

What is Holistic Massage?

The holistic massage is a combination of of East and West (Shiatsu, Swedish, Thai and Chinese with herbal treatment). It’s also mixed with my counseling therapy and art back ground. Developed by years of professional practice & interdisciplinary experiences, the method is designed to take care of the body, mind and emotions.
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