Review - Thibault

FOR YOGA: I did a couple individual courses with Lee. He did a very good work adapting the postures to my needs on these different occasions. Explanations were very clear and detailed, always provided in a soft, reassuring and kind tone. He encouraged me to push my limits while giving me valuable tips to protect my body and to listen to it. That was worth more than all the yoga classes I had attended so far. FOR MASSAGE: Having only experienced classic occidental spa massages, which had not done much for me, I have never been a massage kind of person, but at some point I got such discomfort from sitting all day behind my screen and I thought I might give it a try. I zoned out and started to feel my body being carefully and methodically taken to pieces and then put back together. It turned out to be quite exhilarating. By the time it was over, i felt brand as new and stronger, not muscler stronger but more coherent stronger, as if every part of limb and organ was exactly where it should be and moved the way it should.